Specializing in Cleaning and Maintaining Residential Pools & Spas

A pool can be peaceful, relaxing and fun. But keeping a pool clean and chemically balanced can be difficult and time consuming. Our certified technicians are happy to keep your pool looking crystal clear and well balanced so you can get back to enjoying it! We clean the skimmer baskets, skim debris for the pool surface, brush and vacuum the pool. We also backwash the filter as needed and make sure the pool equipment is functioning properly and efficiently.

Why Hire a Pool Service?

Most at-home tester kits only test the pH and Chlorine levels. However, much more is required to keep your pool balanced. We test and balance the PH, Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. All of these are related and needed to maintain a clean, clear and beautiful looking pool.


Keeping a chemically balanced pool:

  • Increases the life of liner, plaster and tile
  • Lessens the stress and maintenance on your filter
  • Prevents skin and eye irritation for swimmers

Also, we use a self-contained Hammerhead vacuum system. This allows us to vacuum your pool without connecting to your pump system. This is more cost efficient for the customer and lowers wear and tear on your pump and filter system. Click on the link below to see it in action!